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SoapArt Newsletter

Greetings from SoapArt!

Our local school kids started back to school yesterday.

Where did the summer go?

What’s new with SoapArt?

I’m working on getting inventory ramped up.

Fall and the Holiday season will be here soon. 

This is Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap

Adding beer to the soap gives it a wonderful lather.

The soap is very creamy and smooth, too.

Does it smell like beer?

Maybe a little, but it also smells like soap.

My two favorite things about this soap are the lather and the creaminess.

The smaller soaps to the right are clove.


Clove soap is my go-to soap, and it’s a customer favorite as well.

Here’s a bar of clove soap ready to go.

All it needs is the label and a little raffia.

You can find clove soap on SoapArt’s website.

Do you like the soap mat?

It was created by Janel from Cozy Treasures Crochet


Here’s a little info on how the name SoapArt came to be.

My sister Joan has an art studio.

I got my start making soap for her studio.

I wanted a name that represents both of us.

J&J was already taken.

So I combined her Art with my Soap and SoapArt was born.

Until next time,

Jean, SoapArt, LLC