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Soaps from Scratch


Soaps from Scratch

  1. What's so special about soaps from scratch?

    Soaps from Scratch are hand made from quality saponified oils, with essential or fragrance oils and color added. Most soaps are completely natural, but some contain synthetic fragrance or color. Soaps without fragrance or color are available on request.

    These soaps contain no detergents (a common element of most store bought soaps) and leave your skin feeling nourished. These soaps will not dry your skin, and there is little chance of irritation unless you are sensitive to fragrance oils or colorants. If that's the case, an unscented, uncolored bar would be a wonderful choice for you.

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Plug In Wax Warmers

  1. My bulb burned out. Do you offer replacement bulbs?

    Yes, I do have replacement bulbs available. They are $2.00 each and can be included with your order upon request. If shipped individually, a $2.50 shipping charge will be added to the price.

  2. Do you offer any other styles of warmers?

    Yes, I have other plug in warmers available, and also have several table top warmers available.  I am unable to list/show them all here because webspace is limited at the moment.  Let me know what you're looking for, and I'll see if I have it or can get it.

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Soy Wax Waffles

  1. Is there a difference between your soy wax waffles and other kinds of tarts?

    Probably.  We fill our 100% soy wax as full of fragrance as we can, making the concentration of our waffles stronger than most on the market.  The soy wax is kind to the environment, and is a renewable resource. 

  2. How long does the fragrance last?

    If melted most of each day in a plug in burner, two pieces of our soy waffles will usually last at least a month.  Two pieces melted in a plug in warmer provide a pleasant amount of fragrance in a small area such as a bathroom or kitchen.

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  1. Are Your Soaps Vegan?

    Many of our soaps are vegan.  Most of the designer soaps are vegan, with the exception of those made with goatsmilk. 

    Most soaps from scratch are also vegan, except the milk soaps. 

    Check out our Vegan category of products from the product page.

    Ingredients for each product are listed, so you can check them out to make sure the soap only contains ingredients you want.


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